UK Sports Dance Competitions

The UK sports dance competitions are categorized into Professional and Amateur categories. All over UK, every Sunday various open competitions are played and governed by the rules of the British Dance Council. Some of the open competitions are qualifying rounds for bigger annual competitions like the Champions of Tomorrow, Britain’s Best and Stars of the Future.

International competitions like the European and World Championships are facilitated by the WDC and WDSF. Also, there are the supadance ciruit and medalist circuit, they are different from the Sunday and open competitions.

The judges of the competitions are composed of adjudicators, they are dance sport professionals who are members and registered of the BDC. They will appoint a Chairman of Judges, his responsibility is to make sure that the music is playing to the right duration and tempo.

The panel of judges marks couples whom they prefer by using the progressive rounds until the finals. After, they are going to pick six couples to compete for the final round. Marks are collectively assessed using the Skating System process, this is a system that is based on the collective decision of the judges.

In judging competitions, it is not enough to have good grooming and attractive costumes to draw the judges’ attention, participants must focus primarily on the execution of the dance moves together with the musicality and the complexity of their choreography. The rules of the dancesport vary depending on the nature and the event of the competition. In events that are granted with a Championship status, there are five dance styles to perform.

UK Sports Dance Competitions

In every competition organized, it starts from a big number of participants and progressively reduced until the final which mostly consists of six couples. The music of each dance style run for 1.5-2 minutes and for some competitions, they require to send the entry in advance.

UK Sports Dance Competitions

These are some of the most important aspects in the UK sport dance competitions.

Basic Jumps in Figure Skating

Do you love to glide on ice? Figure skating is a good avenue for people who love both sport and ice. This ice sport has gained major popularity throughout the years. Who wouldn’t love to see skaters gliding on ice with beautifully choreographed moves?

Basic Jumps in Figure Skating

The brilliant and breathtaking choreography of figure skating is truly remarkable. Figure skaters are known for their amazing jumps. There are certain jumps that can be done with a partner, and there are jumps that may be performed alone. Here are several figure skating jumps and moves that can be tried:

Basic Jumps in Figure Skating
  • Waltz jump – there are illustrations of waltz jump that you can view online. Basically, this jump takes off from a forward outside edge where a half revolution is made in the air, and you can land on a back outside edge of the opposite foot.
  • Salchow jump – this jump was invented in 1909 by the famous figure skater named Ulrich Salchow. This jump is mostly done from a forward outside three turn. After three turns, the skater will stop momentarily and extend the free foot behind then swings the free leg forward and around with a wide scooping motion.
  • Toe loop – from the name itself, this move can be done with a toe assist. This jump is also known as the Mapes jump. This is done by skating backwards on an outward edge, picking up the other toe, and then jumping a half revolution in the air just like the waltz jump. Usually, the toe loop is entered from a forward inside three turn.
  • Loop – this jump has no toe assist. It is often done in figure skating jump combinations such as a second jump. For ice skaters who are just starting, this will be easy. The skater takes off from a back outside edge, jumps a full revolution in air, and lands backward on the same back outside edge from where he took off.
Basic Jumps in Figure Skating

There are some other famous jumps in figure skating. These include the flip, the lutz, and the axel. You can watch tutorial videos on how to do a jump, or you can seek for a professional to teach you the basics of figure skating.

How To Download Sports Dance Music To Your Cell Phone

Today, most cell phones have built-in music players, you can download your favorite music right to your cell phone. In the case of sports dance music, performers can download their sports dance music so that they can play it anytime they want to. Also, it is very convenient to listen to it even if they are not practicing to make any necessary changes of the movements.

There are some important things to remember when downloading songs to your cell phone, make sure that your phone has a music playback and the format of the music files is compatible with the phone. If these things are satisfied, you are ready to do the following:

Syncing Cable

  • Connect your cell phone and computer by using a syncing cable.
  • When connected, there is a prompt that enables to exchange files, allow your phone to do this.
  • Your computer will indicate installing new hardware, you must complete the installation before you can continue.
  • On your computer, a removable drive will appear. Open it and look for the music folder.
  • Copy and paste your chosen music on your cell phone.
  • After completing the transfer, the removable drive must be ejected. Now, you can play the music you downloaded.
How To Download Sports Dance Music To Your Cell Phone


In case you cannot find your syncing cable, check if your phone can support a file transfer using the Bluetooth wireless connection. The steps are:

  • First, you need to have a handset that pairs with your computer. This is a different process depending on the type of computer and cell phone you have.
  • If you already successfully paired the two devices, search for the music file you want to download on your cell phone.
  • On your computer, choose a song, right click and send it through Bluetooth.

Other Options

If you tried to download sports dance music using the options discussed above but still failed, do not give up. The solutions to this problem are:

How To Download Sports Dance Music To Your Cell Phone
  • If your cell phone is using a MicroSD card, try to purchase a MicroSD card reader and install it on your computer, put the songs directly on the card before you can copy the songs into your cell phone.
  • The internet is a venue to answer your questions. Search your cell phone’s model and do a research on how to transfer music into your phone. There are many tutorials that will teach you on how to download songs.

These are ways to download sports dance music into your cell phone. It is definitely a helpful way to readily listen to your favorite songs on your cell phone.