General Information About Dancesport

Dancesport is the term used for the competitive aspect of ballroom dancing. The events of the dance sport are regulated and sanctioned by the national and international organizations like the World Dance Council (WDC). The name was formed to help ballroom dancing gain an Olympic recognition. Today, the physical demands needed for the sport is the subject of various scientific researches.

In 1909, the first unofficial championship worldwide took place and the first team was formed in 1932 in London. Eventually, Dancesport had its first TV broadcast in 1960.

The term Dancesport is applied to the International Style, often, it is referred as Modern or Standard dancing and also Latin dancing. Recently, the style categories include the following:

General Information About Dancesport
  • International Standard
  • International Latin
  • American New Vogue

These categories are applied to the formation and individual couples dance.

On the other hand, the WDC is a registered company and the only legal successor of the International Council of Ballroom Dancing (ICBD), an organization formed in Edinburgh in 1950. The WDC is operating through two committees and general council:

  • The World Dance Sport Committee is the one that regulates the international level of the professional dancesport.
  • The World Social Dance Committee is in-charge in dealing with matters about the dance profession such as the activities of Dance Teachers and Dance Schools. However, they do not have a direct regulation of the social dance aspect, it is handled by individual organizers, organizations and teaching schools.
General Information About Dancesport

In 2007, the league for WDC was created, it runs various competitions and has its very own ranking system for the amateur dancers. In addition, the member countries of the WDC have their own national organizations like the British Dance Council, these national organizations will decide their delegates.

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) formerly known as the International DanceSport Federation is the governing body of the international dancesport, they are recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Originally, it was founded in 1957 and in 2011, it is renamed as WDSF, this is to emphasize the worldwide character of the federation. Before, their main focus was to administer amateur competitions and the dancers but in 2010, they included the professional dancesport. The members of the WDSF are not allowed to join in the competitions except if the organization grants their request. In 2012, the rule was revoked, allowing its members to join in competitions because they support the athlete’s right.

Today, there is a wide variety of dancesport competitions going on worldwide. It cannot be denied that the sport is well-loved by the people because it shows the grace and science of the physical activities dancers go through.

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